Monday, April 14, 2008

Zombie Portraits - Jason and My Brothers

Here are my brothers John and Thomas.

Jason was really hard. Not the best one I have done, but strangely the excitement level on his face is about right :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Zombie Portraits - Afterthought

I am really feeling the need for highlights. The markers are too unforgiving for highlights so I think I am going to drop these into PS and keep going with them. I am missing a lot of 'pop' without it.

Zombie Portraits

I've just come off an intense crunch at work and now I've gotten back to drawing.

Marcelino had the great idea to do Zombie portraits of people at work. I've taken some photos and told people to do one angry/scary pose and one ridiculous/over-the-top pose of what THEY think a zombie looks like. Some people are dead ringers for zombies (Oh that was a bad pun!). Others just smiled or hid. I like that there is a challenge in making the more normal photos look like zombies. Here's the first batch -

This one above is Marcelino. I just forgot to write it in. ^

Andy was the first one I did and I think it shows. I wasn't loose enough. Also his photo looks just like this... well almost. So I got lazy. I have some other photos of Andy that are GREAT so I'll do another later.